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Icon of the golden age of Reggae Music, Cedric Myton is a living legend. Overhead falsetto, radiating charisma, and mystical inspiration, Cedric is a very special character, with a extraordinary talent. Inseparable from the mythical band « The Congos » which he is the heart and cornerstone, he wrote all along his career the most beautiful pages of jamaïcan music.

Cedric Myton was born in 1947, in Old Harbour, Small fishermen village in Jamaïca. His vocal and writting skills lead him to a musical career. At the age of 16, he took lead of the band « The Bell Stars ». In 1967, he founded « The Tartans », alongside Prince Lincoln, Devon Russel and Prep’s, and released his first hit « Dance all Night », number 1 in Jamaica (69). During that same period the faith of Rastafari began to manifest itself more and more in his life. He began to grow his dread locks, eating only Ital foods, and practicing baptism by fire. At a time when the faith was very young and very much feared by the general population it was dangerous to be as outright observant as he was; in fact laws in Kingston, Jamaica were put in place to protect Rastas following a police beating of Cedric Myton in 1976.

In 1975, he founded “The Royal Rasses”, also with Prince Lincoln, with whom he produced the album “Humanity”. This very year, Cedric Myton meets Roydell Johnson and Watty Burnett. A crucial turnover in his carrer with the foundation of “The Congos”.

The rich vocal harmonies, the sprititual message and the energy offered by “The Congo” would take them to Lee “Scratch” Perry ‘s Black Ark Studio in Kingston. In 1977, “The Congos” released the album “Heart of the Congos”, classic masterpiece of ten musical gems, uncluding the everlasting “Fisherman”. “Heart of the Congos” is still known as Lee Perry’s best production and was recently elected as “the best Reggae album of all times” by internet survey. Driven by Cedric Myton, “The Congos” entered Jamaïcan Music all of fame, and beyond, conquered the international audience.

In the 80’s, “The Congos” spitted and Cedric Myton carried on a solo career. He recorded tens of albums and got involved in several musical projects as such as English Beat, General Public, Fine Young Cannibals or recently in Inna de Yard Collective. He performed on the most prestigious stages all over the world, delivering his message with his evergreen intensity. Real “beast of scene”, he fascinates, magnetizes, subjugates.

50 years of career and Cedric Myton has never gone astray from his mission, providing the public with a spiritual message and a remarkable quality. Rebel soul, with a well whishing sensitive view on the world, Cedric Myton is definitely an amazing artist, an exceptional human being. His works, which he still pursues with endless creativity, will remain top ranking for eternity.


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- Arte, Tracks , 2017
- France 2, Alcaline , 2017
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- Radio Nova, 2017
- France Inter, 2017


- Inna De Yard, April-October 2017, Europe,
- Congos, November 2017, Brazil,
- Rototom Colombia, May 2017, Bogota,
- Worldwide tour, since 1980, Planet Earth,